B Girls Will B Girls Mixtape

Posted On Friday, February 11, 2022

I've never felt like females have ever really gotten the props they truly deserve in this hip hop game. And I'm not just talking about female MC's, I'm talking about female graf artist, breakers, etc. and trust, their names need to be in the history books. Whether we're talking about Baby Love from the world famous Rock Steady crew who was featured in "Beat Street" or Ms. Pink who was all city & was Rose in the classic "Wild Style", trust me when I say we owe a lot to the females who have held this culture down throughout the years. Now, I know on the MC tip it's always been the question of did the  female MC's who came up in this game (Salt n Pepa, MC Lyte, Latifah, etc.) write their own rhymes and to be honest I don't know. I'm sure Herb had a lot to do with Salt n Pepa's rhymes and maybe the 45 King, Latee and Chill Rob G helped Latifah And as far as Lyte, shorty was the nicest MC outta her First Priority crew so I don't know who could've been writing her rhymes then (I know LL wrote her intro bar to her "Self Destrcution" rhyme) but all I know is at the time the product they dropped was dope. Hell, Salt n Pepa's "Hot, Cool and Vicious" is a 5 mic classic to me. And even though I can't give 5 mics to Lyte & Latifah's debut albums they both were VERY dope and both banged with the big boys who were out at the time. Nowadays the female MC is a lost art in the game but until a shorty steps up to the plate to rep for the women again check my "B Girls Will B Girls Mixtape" which highlights some of my fave female MC's on the mic and I double dog dare you to say these songs don't belong in the fabric of hip hop's history. Salute!

Dance For Me - Queen Latifah
Monie In The Middle - Monie Love
Us Girls - Debbie D, Sha Rock & Lisa Lee
Def Fresh Crew - Roxanne Shante
Paper Thin - MC Lyte
Soft But Deadly - Finesse & Synquis
Soul Sisters - Finesse & Synquis
Have a Nice Day - Roxanne Shante
I'll Take Your Man - Salt n Pepa
Roxanne's Revenge - Roxanne Shante
I Got An Attitidude - Antoinette
Tramp - Salt n Pepa
Can't Play With My Yoyo - Yo Yo
Bass Game - Finesse & Synquis
On The Smooth Tip - Sweet Tee
Cha Cha Cha - MC Lyte
Afro Puff - Lady of Rage
Tight - Rah Digga
Survival of The Fittest - MC Lyte
Wrath of My Madness - Queen Latifay
Vocab - Lauryn Hill
Deeper - Boss

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