Intoxicated Nuts Mixtape

Posted On Friday, August 25, 2023

When cats ask me about the producers who have influenced me, I can name cats for days but there were only 4 producers who REALLY made me wanna make beats when I was coming up and that was Marley Marl, Primo, Pete Rock and The Beatnuts. Now, most folk will always ask me "the Beatnuts...word?!?!?" Yup...the Beatnuts. Their 1st EP "Intoxicated Demons" was dope but it was their first album "Street Level" with ""Let Off A Couple", "Hit Me With That", "Props Over Here" and "Superbad" that blew me away and wanting to get into the production game. I remember listening to that album every single day the summer of '94 and when I went back to Morgan in September there was absolutely no way I wasn't gonna find any kinda scam or hustle to finally get some equipment and start making beats. A lot of cats sleep on these dudes but after listening to my "Intoxicated Nuts Mix" there's absolutely NO WAY you can keep frontin' on Corona, Queen's finest. #Salute

Watch Out Now
Off The Books
Are You Ready?
Se Acabo (Remix)
Let Off A Couple
Ya Yo
No Escapin' This
No Equal
Reign of The Tec
Find That
You Get Props
Do You Believe?
Here's A Drink
Turn It Out
Hit Me With That
Lick The P-ssy
Beatnuts Forever

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