I Can't Call It: VII - Teyana Taylor

Posted On Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Riddle me this...what is it exactly that Teyana Taylor do? And trust, I'm not trying to be funny. It's like shorty literally just popped up outta thin air. I never heard the "Google Me" song that she had but since she had that jawn out, that means she's a singer, right? And she was kinda funny in that Madea flick with the "Byyyyyyyron" thing she was doing, so that means she's an actress, right? And she messes with the bul Brandon Jennings from the Pistons, right? Oh, they broke up...my bad. So, now she messes with Iman Shumpert from the Knicks? Naw, that's Elle Varner's man, right? Wrong? Oh, dude and Elle broke up and now he's with Teyana? Aiight...I think I got it. So, shorty's a singer/actress who messes with ball players and Kanye signed her to G.O.O.D. Music? Sound about right? Aiight, I got it now. And she's got a new album on tap too? Damn, shorty stays on her hustle huh? Too bad I'm not gonna be able to check for her cause I got entirely too much music in my rotation right about now with this new Joe Budden, this new Mary, Jagged Edge and the new cat Logic for shorty to come close to cracking that starting line up. But my homegirl Mo is cosigning this album BIG TIME so you know what? What the hell...I'll give shorty a shot. And I'll tell ya'll this, I'm glad that I did give shorty a shot cause if I didn't, I would've slept on a really, really dope album. And yeah, ya'll read that right...this is a DOPE album.

"Just Different" sets things off on a dope note and sets the tone for the rest of the album and has Teyanna breaking down, "I tried to explain but words are just word, no difference/the words in my heart is not the same, it's just different." Plus her flow reminds me of Sleepy Brown's on his classic "Chocked Out Saturday Night." "Request" has Teyanna telling her man, "I can be anything you want me to be/just request it, boy I'm your hotline/your personal 1-900 number, anything you want I'm your lover", on "Broken Hearted Girl" Fab joins the party while "Put Your Love On" has Teyana taking us to Kingston with this reggae banger. The album's 1st single "Maybe" featuring Yo Gotti and Pusha T goes hard and has Tee questioning what's really good, "maybe it's the liqour, maybe it's the song/don't know what it is, but you turn me on/maybe it's the bar, maybe it's the car/don't know what it is, maybe I'm in love." "Dreams" has Teyana flippin' the BIG classic "Dreams Of F-cking A R&B Chick" by spittin' about how she knows niggaz are dreaming about hitting, "dreams of sleeping with a R&B chick, I hear your little bars about my cleavage, dream sh-t/don't waste my time, if you coming nigga, come right/got a couple of niggas on my line/nigga all I'm trying to say, you know that I hear you boy/niggas talk that sh-t all day, come with something different boy." 

"Sorry" and "Put One In The Air" will both be the break up anthems for this cold winter with "Sorry" setting is off with, "I'm sorry you didn't know how to love me, I'm sorry I wasn't beautiful to you/I'm sorry you just didn't know how to be my man, I'm sorry you couldn't make me happy, and I'm so sorry you never learned how/I'm sorry it had to be this way, but my heart is so good now." While the latter goes in with "here we are going back at it agin, are you serious I guess you are/you got me home whie you on some other sh-t, I guess you must have forgotten who you're dealing with/so right before I leave I put one in the air for love." "Business" has Teyana putting a 2014 twist on Ginuwine's "None of Your Friend's Business" with lines like "don't ask me about the sex, that's between me my man and our bed/plus I know how you hoes get, I ain't trying to lose a friend telling you how my man do it/and the same goes for you baby, I know how niggaz do, your friends be talking crazy/acting like b-tches too/you know they do." "Outta My League" is cool and I don't think shorty could've ended the album better then she does with the banger "It Could Just Be Love" but the REAL banger of the album is Teyana's duet with Chris Brown, "Do Not Disturb." This jawn is one of those classic 90's sex slow jam bangers with Chris droppin' jewels, "like a copper I'm cuffin' I'm coppin' a feel/little mama got ass when she walk in those heels/she love when I eat it she making a meal/I gave her the pillow so no one could hear." And Teyana comes back with "he biting my neck with my legs in the air/tell me you loves me then pull on my hair/I like it rough don't be touching my nigga/it ain't rocket science it's simple my nigga"...yeah, this is my kinda jawn.

Most artist go wrong cause they don't stay in their lane. They either wanna try to have an image that they know ain't them or they try to make music they know damn well they can't make. Look at the bul Memphis Bleek. Dude was always a regular boom bap MC, not the next Jay Z. But that's how Rocafella tried to market him and that's why the average head has absolutely no idea how many albums dude had out or can even name more then two Bleek songs for that matter. Now if they would've let Bleek stay in his lane and keep making bangers like the intro "Hand It Down" he did off Jay's Hard Knock Life album, we'd be talking about Bleek's career in a whole nother light. And I think that's the dopest thing about this album cause Teyana stays in her lane and does what she does best. She's not on here trying to do any Whitney or Mariah riffs or trying to take us to church. She stays in the pocket right where she belongs and she sounds dope doing just that. Not to mention they got her with the right producers that gave shorty the right beats that fit her perfect. I'm still not 100% proof positive on what shorty does but no matter what it is, the one thing you can't do with Ms. Taylor is knock her hustle.

4 outta 5 mics

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