I Can't Call It: The Point of No Return - Keyshia Cole

Posted On Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So, I've been sitting with this new Keyshia Cole album "Point of No Return" for a minute and to me the best way to describe it would be for me to send a kite to the bul Daniel Gibson...I mean, it's only right since cause the WHOLE album is about him. 

Fam...what the f-ck? Dawg, Keish is REALLY going at your neck playboy. What the hell did you do this time? I mean, this whole new album is about you. I'm sure you're not checking for this jawn but she's going in on you...HARD! And I'm not talking the "Love" Keysh, naw my nigga I'm talking that Oakland Keysh and you know how THAT Keysh gets down. Yo, she's talking about how she ain't trying to overdose on your love and don't wanna be heartbroken no mo' and how "ya'll f-ck, ya'll fight and ya'll make up" and that's how ya'll do and are ya'll gonna make it on "The Intro (The Last Tango)" and the 808 heavy "Heat of Passion" got her talking about she knows you took this next chick "around the corner from the condo & she knows what hotel ya'll went to" and that you "took the next chick 'round the corner from ya'll favorite bar and ya'll did it in the backseat." And she reaching out to cats to call the jake cause "she feeling kinda crazy right now" and you know your wife dawg...when Keysh says she's feeling crazy, best believe she means that ish! And on "Next Time (Won't Give My Heart Away") she lets you know the whole "fighting and arguing and cussing all loud" just so you can get out the crib, welp, she's hip bruh. On "Rick James" Keysh done watched one two many episodes of True Hollywood Stories with Charlie Murphy cause she's mos def letting these side chicks know that she "slapping b-tches like she's Rick James" and "Do That For (B.A.B.)" bangs and she's letting all your hoes know that she's the boss ass bitch all the while letting you know that she gave you "a few times to fuck up but after that you gotta go nigga." I can't even begin to explain how hard the Mike Will Made It produced "New Nu" goes while Keysh schools you that "diamonds ain't gonna work this time, money ain't gonna help/and the good dick just don't feel the same, it's such a shame we're ending this way."

Just as a heads up bruh, the next couple of songs on the album may have you a 'lil shook cause ummm...Keysh is talking that sexy ish and ummm...I doubt she's talking about you. The DJ Mustard produced "She" is that slow jam banger that Keysh always keeps in her back pocket and in a nutshell it's the 2014 version of Tweet's "Oops", "it’s better them nights, fingers up and down my legs/feeling like mine, getting high off my own supply." Guess she's saying she don't need you to get off fam. And on "Believer" and "On Demand" she goes in on how ill her sex game is and if I had I had to put money on it I doubt you'll be seeing any parts of that again. On "Believer" she sparks it with "in the morning right before I let you get up, I love you down and make it where it's hard to get up/from my lips won't miss a spot and work your way up, life my hands and feet up, make you a believer" and "On Demand" with Wale and August Alsina is flat out STUPID! First off, she samples one of my fave Jodeci bangers so the beat is CRAZY and you got Keysh breaking down how she's on demand and how's she's basically on her Janet "Anytime Anyplace" jawn. "Love Letter" featuring Ciara baby pop (didn't he just get busted for cheating too? I think the jawn took him back tho...maybe you should reach out and get at dude for some advice) has Keysh reminiscing on how your letters used to make her think you could step your game up but after all of the this hoopla and how "the love is lost" it sounds like shorty is done for real this time. "Party Ain't A Party" featuring Gavyn Rhone has Keysh saying that the party is just about over and how she doesn't even know you anymore and "Remember Part 2" gives you the heartbroken Keyshia and she's not breaking and threatening to catch a case but this is the song when she really lets you know how hurt she is. "All the things you said, I gotta get you out my head/cause you're trying to make me believe that you're the only one for me/something don't seem right tho, cause we argue all of the time and we fuss and fight/it just don't seem worth it, even though we've got so much on the line" and then she asks you "do you remember everything you told me, everything you said we'd be/don't you remember, don't you remember." Damn dawg, you REALLY f-cked up.

But the jawn that she REALLY goes in on you is "N.L.U. (Niggaz Like You)" cause you got Keysh saying "it's niggaz like you that make it hard to love, make it hard to trust, it's so hard/being a nigga like you, you make me wanna cuss, burn up all your stuff and catch a charge." Fam, for real...not to be on no punk ish but we all saw what Lis (God bless the dead) did to the bul Rison. And yeah, cats thought cause she was in TLC that she was on some ole R&B diva ish but I knew better cause Lis was from the crib but Keysh? Keysh is Lis times 100! So if I was you, I'd take what ever's left of that $21 mil from the Cavs that you pocketed and disappear for a minute and I'm talking a LONG minute before you become the new face of domestic violence...for real. At the end of the day fam, all I can say is hold your head and I really hope this side piece was worth all of this hoopla bruh...for real. One.

3.5 outta 5 mics

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