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Posted On Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There's not a lot of REAL dope stuff on tap any more. Everything to me is just aiight. Music, kicks, name it, and bet money it'll just be aiight. There was a time many, many, many moons ago when you would walk into your local record store (Sound of fill in the blank...Germantown, Market, etc. in Philly and Beat Street when I rested in Brooklyn) and unless you sold drugs then there was no way that you'd be able to cop every new 12" and album that you wanted. Same when it came to kicks, I'd go into Sneaky Pete's or stop down on Ogontz and could only dream of saying "I'll take everything on the wall in a size 9." Nowadays unless it's a pair of retro J's or a pair of uptowns you couldn't give me 80% of kicks in whatever sneaker store you go to. And it's the exact same thing with gear. And that's where Sidebar Vintage comes into play. About 6 months ago me & my man Ev decided to start designing tee shirts and let the line grow. And after months of planning and designing, I'm proud to say that we're finally launching site and the sale of first 2 shirts...the Vinyl Junkies and the Illawakening tees. So come through the new website and support! Best believe we mos def appreciate it!

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