Secret Wars: Superman & Wonder Woman

Posted On Monday, September 1, 2014

I know I wasn't the only cat who grew up thinking that Superman was banging Wonder Woman AND Lois Lane! Even though I never liked Superman like that you could best believe that I mos def respected money's pimp game. So now fast forward 30 years and we've got DC's New 52 series with a Superman and Wonder Woman series on tap that FINALLY has these two getting together. Now of course, when I first heard about this title, I thought this was gonna be wack as hell. First things first, we're talking about two characters that I've NEVER liked by themselves so putting them together sounds like a HORRIBLE idea. But I can't front. I ran through the first 10 issues of this series in one sitting and couldn't get enough! First off, Superman is definitely the chick is this relationship which makes me respect Wonder Woman that much more. When Superman sees this villain Doomsday, he gets shook while Wonder Woman has to step up and say we've got this. She basically tells Sup, "yeah you've got powers but you've never been trained to be a warrior like me." And after that line, we ALL know who wears the pants in this relationship. Not to mention that Batman is the couples therapist! I mean, who else in the DC universe can you get better relationship advice from then the Dark Knight? And I'm not even being a smart ass either cause I know reading this review, the series could sound REAL wack and NOTHING could be further from the truth. Remember the ill way Marvel used to "humanize" heroes like Peter Parker and show his struggles in everyday life? Welp, DC has picked up on that and ran all of the way to the bank with it! Sleep if you wanna...

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