Pharrell Meets Sade Mixtape

Posted On Sunday, July 20, 2014

This mix right here is my baby! There's only been one producer that ever remixed a Sade song that I felt was just a dope as the original and that was the By Your Side Remix produced by the Neptunes. The song was so dope, I always wondered why haven't these two ever linked again. Of course the answer is probably because Sade has Sweetback backing her so why would she need to reach out for outside production and since this collabo hasn't happened in over 10+ years and probably never will, I decided to throw some of my favorite Sade songs over some of my favorite Pharrell beats and viola! We've got the next best thing on tap to these two really linking up. so if you rock with Sade and Skateboard P then you'll mos def LOVE this mix!

Smooth Operator/Blurred Lines
I Couldn't Love You More/Pass The Courvoisier 2
Kiss of Life/Nuthin'
The Sweetest Taboo/Drop It Like It's Hot
Hang On To Your Love/She Wants To Move
King Of Sorrow/Suicide
Nothing Can Come Between Us/Frontin'
Never As Good As The First Time/You Don't Have To Call
Keep Looking/Gridnin'
Cherish The Day/Happy

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