Secret Wars: The New Amazing Spider Man

Posted On Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Aiight...let me get this straight. Doc Oc found a way on his death bed to switch his mind with Peter Parker, so that Parker died when the real Doc Oc died. So now we've got the "Superior" Spider Man because Doc Oc has a huge ego (pause) and because he sees himself being a million times smarter then Parker. Plus this dude don't take any ish. He kills criminals, tells everybody to kiss his ass (including The Avengers), he's macking the hoes (he has a new girlfriend who's a midget...naw, seriously she's a midget) and he's just turned Spider Man into an all around bad ass. But every now and then Parker's spirit pops up in Doc's head (he's kept all of Parker's memories) but Doc is constantly kicking him to the curb and comes up with a way to permanently erase all of Parker's memories (which he does) but ya'll know comic books...I mean, does anyone REALLY die? So, eventually Parker comes back like he's avenging his brother's death and knocks Doc out the box and gets his body back. Soooooo, now Doc Oc is dead (yeah, right) and Peter Parker is back (even though by issue #10 I finally got used to him being dead) and now he's gotta deal with the fact that Doc has totally screwed up his life (I think he actually made Parker's life better) and that he now has a midget girlfriend that he lives with. So the question is can the "Amazing" Spider Man be better then the "Superior" Spider Man? And since I'm only 3 issues in, I can't call it so far but I can't front...I miss Doc Oc already. Which is truly a testament to how dope the writing was for the Superior Spider Man because when I first heard they were killing Peter Parker off I was salty cause I always loved how Parker represented the average dude. The only problem is, I got tired of Parker always being that dude to steal on and I dug the way Doc Oc gave Spider Man some swag and he wasn't taking anybody's ish anymore but those days are long gone. So only time will tell if Parker is actually the best candidate to be Spider Man and that's something I NEVER thought I'd actually have to wonder about.

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