I Can't Call It: The Best of 2013 - #2 & #1

Posted On Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This week, we've got my #2 & #1 picks on tap for my top 10 albums/mixtapes of the year...

#2 "My Name Is My Name" - Pusha T

This is EASILY the most solid hip hop release of 2013 in my eyes, hands down. "MNIMN" is one of the few albums that I actually copped an extra jawn just to keep in the whip. Check out my review of "MNIMN" when it first dropped here...

#1 "20/20 Experience" - Justin Timberlake

I REALLY gotta salute Mr. Timberlake. This may be the ONLY dude who has ever dipped outta the music game to head out to Hollywood but STILL make incredible music. And that's exactly what the "20/20 Expereince" is...incredible music. And they made this jawn in 20 days?!?!?! Check out my review of "20/20 Experience" when it first dropped here...

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