The Promo: The Wolf's Out - King Classic

Posted On Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I've known Classic since day one. Me and this dude grew up on the same block back in Philly and we've been cooking crack together ever since. Of course between then and now a lot of hoopla delayed the project we've been wanting to collabo on for the past 20 years...real life, living in different states, marriage, kids, jobs, etc. So we haven't cooked in a minute but all of that is about to end REAL soon. Classic didn't know this but while money was on his hiatus, I stashed a nice 'lil package of beats over the years for him I knew would fit his style perfectly, so when he hit me a minute ago telling me he was ready to rock...let's just say it was just like when Cutty got out & Avon had a package waiting for him. "The Wolf's Out" is just a 'lil sumthin' light we cooked up and if ya'll rock with this just wait til ya'll hear his album.... 

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