The Process: Tony Blount

Posted On Friday, February 22, 2013

I met the homie Tony Blount a minute ago through twitter. I had written an article over at Couch Sessions that he commented on it and I peeped he was a singer so I went to check out some of his stuff and when I heard what he did over Pete & CL's "I Got A Love" (or for you younger folk Jay Electronica's "Shiny Suit Theory") I was like I gotta link up with this dude. At the time, he was resting in the DMV so we ended up linking up to go diggin' and to break bread and the rest is history. Since then Tony's moved to Connecticut but he was back out this way for a minute and he wanted me to hear some of the new stuff he's been working on (which is SICKENING BTW) but while he was in the lab ya'll KNOW I had to turn on the MPC to let him hear some of the stuff I had been cooking up for him. So check him out breaking down his "process" and some BTS footage of us cooking up something that'll prayerfully make one of the 3 EP's he's looking to drop throughout 2013.

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