Who's The Best MC? Biggie, Jay Z or Nas...#7

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2013

Aiight...I think THIS will be the one that cats will either REALLY agree with or REALLY disagree with. With my #7 pick of the top 20 MC's EVER is...Three Stacks aka Andre 3000. Now, let's look at the facts. #1, 3000 is part of the best hip hop group EVER! (check this out to let the air outta your argument for whoever your pick is) #2, this cat has been putting it down since '94 with "Southernplaya..." and has NEVER come wack and is STILL in more demand than your favorite rapper and this dude hasn't put out an album with him rapping since 2000's "Stankonia." Not to mention he OWNS EVERY track he jumps on! As much as I LOVE UGK's "International Player's Anthem" with Pimp, Bun and Big...I can LITERALLY listen's to Andre verse on repeat by itself ALL DAY! The same with his verse on Sleepy's "I Can't Wait". The same with his verse on John Legend's "Green Light!" The same with his verse on...etc. etc. I mean this dude made me be able to actually listen to UNK's trash jawn "Walk It Out and Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's" and as usually...he KILLS his verses! I mean does ANYBODY really ever need to rhyme after money?  I don't know why they took 3000's verse off Beyonce's "Party" but if I'm J. Cole you couldn't pay me enough money to replace a 3000 rhyme. That's like Ashanti trying to remake a Patti LaBelle song! #3, this dude is a walking hip hop quotable! I don't know ANY other MC who damn near every verse he's drops could be a Source hip hop quoatble for the month. This dude could've owned EVERY month out the year if cats weren't frontin! (according to answers.com 3000 has 4 months of quotables for "Elevators", "Aquemini", "Internation Player's Anthem" and "Royal Flush") But like I said earlier, you're either with me or against me on this one. But trust me, whoever you think deserves this spot will tell you that 3000 deserves it more. Salute.

My Favorite Andre 3000 Quoatble:
"It's the return of the gangsta thanks ta'
Them n-ggas that's on that blow
That run up in yo' crib which contains
Your lady and an 8 month old
Child to raise plus you true blue 'bout this music but
They do not want to hear it because they'd
Rather be bouncin' and shootin' and killin' and bouncin'
And sh-t get down.

Return of the gangsta thanks ta'
Them n-ggas that think you soft
And say y'all be gospel rappin'
But they be steady clappin' when you talk about
B-tches & switches & hoes & clothes & weed
Let's talk about time travelin' rhyme javelin
Somethin' mind unravelin' get down.

Return of the gangsta thanks ta'
Them n-ggas who got them kids
Who got enough to buy an ounce
But not enough to bounce them kids to the zoo
Or to the park so they grow up in the dark never
Seein' light so they end up being like yo' sorry ass
Robbin' n-ggas in broad ass daylight get down.

Return of the gangsta thanks ta'
Them n-ggas that get the wrong impression of expression
Then the question is Big Boi what's up with Andre?
Is he in a cult? Is he on drugs? Is he gay?
When y'all gon' break up? When y'all gon' wake up?
N-gga I'm feelin' better than ever what's wrong with you
You get down!"
"The Return of The G" - Outkast

And here are some of my fave Andre 3000 one liners:
"I said what you wanna be/she said alive." The Art of Storytelling Part 1

"I said what time you get off/she said when you get me off." "I Want You (rmx)" - Llyod

"Your white tee, well to me looks like a nightgown/make your momma proud, take that thing two sizes down." "Walk It Out (rmx)" - UNK

"And yes you're getting boo'd if you sh-t do not get down/and yes you're getting sued by women who didn't get up." "I Can't Wait" - Sleepy Brown

"Styles will change/they say change is dan-gerous/as a King standing on the terrace." "Royal Flush" - Big Boi

"She said, why you in the club/you don't make it precipitate?/You know make it rain, when you could make it thunderstorm." "The Art of Stoytelling Part 4" - Outkast

"I hate to see ya'll frown, but I'd rather see her smiling/wetness all around me troop, but I'm no island/peninsula maybe." "International Player's Anthem" - UGK

"But every time I try to get a peace of mind/n-ggas try to get a piece of mine/so I gotta grab my piece." "Return of the G" - Outkast

"Said baby boy, you're only funky as your last cut/you focus on the past your ass will be a has what." "Rosa Parks" - Outkast

"On the oak tree, I hope we feel like this forever, forever, forever, ever/forever ever?" "Ms. Jackson" - Outkast

"I spot 'em, in the middle of the Marta parking lot/I'm hearing a voice in the back of my head, saying Andre stop." "Benz or Beamer" - Outkast

My Top 5 Andre 3000 Verses with Outkast

My Top 5 Andre 3000 Guest Verses

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