Secret Wars: Snake Eyes

Posted On Monday, January 28, 2013

When it comes to comic book characters, I've always rocked with cats that have some kinda mystery to their origin. So it should be no surprise that two of my favorite characters are Wolverine and Snake Eyes. When it comes to the latter, I've been rocking with Snake since peeping him on the G.I. Joe cartoon and comic book back in the early 80's. The whole hoopla of him not being able to speak and him wearing a mask because his face was supposedly disfigured from a helicopter accident to him being a ninja before the entire world was on the ninja bandwagon made this dude the ish to me! So when I came across this new (well, it's new to me) Snake Eyes comic book y'all know I had to dive into this jawn head first. This series basically deals with Snake getting himself captured to infiltrate Cobra's headquarters as well as Storm Shadow's crew of ninja's and the Joe's don't know if he's rogue or if he's a traitor and Storm Shadow's crew doesn't know if they can trust him either But the thing I mess with most about the series is we get to find out more about Snake's past. Especially his time spent with Storm Shadow which helps to break down where their beef stems from. So, who's side is Snake on at the end of the day? Y'all gonna have to dive into the series for y'all self to find out. But in the meantime check out Adult Swim's web series "G.I. Joe Resolute" from '09 which features some more background into Snake Eye's origin as well as the final battle between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow...

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